WWU Virtual Molecular Model Kit

This page was created for our organic chemistry students (Chemistry 351) who might prefer using the computer to a physical model set. However, we hope others will also enjoy using it.

Below are a variety of instructional molecules that can be viewed if you have installed either RasMol or Chemscape Chime as a plug-in viewer in your web browser. At the bottom of the page are links to some other RasMol and Chime sites.

These molecules can be Interactively sized and rotated.

- Left mouse button = rotate.
- Shift + left mouse button = zoom.
- Right mouse button = translate if using RasMol.
- With RasMol the menus are at the top of the window.
- With Chime pressing the right mouse button brings up the menus.

Most of these molecules can be viewed best by using the "Sticks" option under the Display menu.
Have Fun !!!

Organic Molecules

Click here to see some inorganic molecules


Cycloalkanes C3-C5

Cyclohexane Chair

Cyclohexane Boat

Polycyclic and Bridged Hydrocarbons



Alcohols and Ethers

Aldehydes, Ketones and Esters

Single Chiral Center - 2 Stereoisomers

Two Chiral Centers with no Plane of Symmetry - 4 Stereoisomers

Two Chiral Centers with a Plane of Symmetry - 3 Stereoisomers

Natural Products

Chime/RasMol Sites Related to this One

Small Biomolecules
(including nucleic acids, amino acids, coenzymes, metabolic intermediates, and carbohydrates)

This page is maintained by Prof. Donald L. Pavia (pavia@chem.wwu.edu).
Molecules were constructed using Alchemy III and translated to .pdb format using Babel
or they were created using Spartan '04 for Windows and saved in .pdb format..

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